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Illuminate In Harmony


Event lighting can completely transform any venue! It can bring even the dullest spaces to life, and no one does event and lighting design quite like SLX Entertainment. Our extensive experience, eye for design, and cutting-edge equipment are the essential components you need to create the right mood.

The Power of Lighting Design

Having great lighting is essential to ensure that a space is properly illuminated but isn’t so bright that it becomes uncomfortable. Lighting can alter the aesthetic and inject energy into a space with color, style, and special effects like lasers. It’s one of the most effective ways to adjust the ambiance at a concert, corporate event, wedding, and so many other special occasions.

Lighting is powerful. It can be the most memorable part of a venue. It can be the difference between an event that everyone is yawning through, wishing they could escape, and one that everyone is enjoying so much that they don’t want it to end.

If you have a vision for your special event that you want to see become a reality, we will plan spectacular lighting to fit your goals. With your imagination being the only limit, the possibilities are truly endless!

The Most Innovative, Reliable Lighting Technology on the Market

SLX Entertainment knows how to set the stage for a variety of moods using the power of lighting. We use innovative technology and a keen eye for design to customize event lighting. The results can be anything! Upbeat and futuristic? Charged with energy? Romantic and dreamy? Just let us know the mood you desire and we’ll set the stage!

Without the best equipment, many companies run the risk of lighting designs that don’t perform as intended when the day of the big event arrives. SLX won’t leave you hanging. Whether your event lasts an hour or several hours, we take preparation and implementation very seriously to ensure your lighting game is on point for the entire duration of the party.

Event Lighting Made Simple

At SLX, we aren’t just creative designers. We’re seasoned professionals! Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We are available to answer your questions and offer advice as needed. You can trust all of our technicians to show the highest level of dedication in the industry. We show up when we say we will so you never have to wait around to get the lighting design you need.

We also work with a wide variety of budgets. Just because you’re working with limited resources doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on the quality of your lighting design. Every job whether big or small matters to us.

All our technicians will treat your venue with the utmost care and respect. We carefully install and remove our lighting fixtures so the property won’t be damaged in any way. It’s the most simple, stress-free way to make ordinary spaces extraordinary.

Lighting Design for All Types of Venues

Not only is every customer unique, but so is every venue. Some are ideal for lighting designs while others will have unique constraints for us to work around. No matter what you’re working with, SLX believes you shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of the design. We are exceptional at crafting creative solutions to your lighting problems. Our lighting designs act as seamless extensions of whatever venue you’re in.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the wellbeing of your guests when you’re hosting a fabulous event. There are already too many things to stress over without worrying about someone tripping over an extension cord or getting too close to a hot light. We take every safety precaution so you can have peace of mind about the wellbeing of your guests and the venue.

Plan Your Event with SLX Entertainment

Are you ready for a complete venue transformation with lighting? SLX Entertainment can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming special occasion or corporate event! You can always view our gallery of recent work for inspiration. To get more info and determine our availability, contact SLX Entertainment today!

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