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Be the talk of your campus!

Your college years are filled with some of the best memories—and for many, the most unforgettable moments are Geek life parties. What better way to make your special event extra special than with event lighting, audio, and venue design from SLX Entertainment? Our services help you set the mood for your party and make it memorable for all the attendees!

Be the Talk of Campus!

With so many sorority and fraternity events each semester, it can be hard to find a way to do something that’s never been done before and truly stands apart from other student organizations. SLX makes it easy! With the level of innovation we’ll add to your event, you’re almost guaranteed to be the talk of campus—in a good way! Our artistic enthusiasm and passion for great parties mean there are endless possibilities for your next big event.

We can help you throw a wide variety of Greek life events including formal dances, exciting fundraisers, and just upbeat parties to let off steam. No matter how you’d like the event to look and sound, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes and customize our services to your needs.

Everything Your Sorority or Fraternity Needs for an Unforgettable Event

Music is an essential part of any great party, especially when it’s for college students! Our audio services ensure that you have crystal clear sound quality that everyone can enjoy. Whether music is the focal point of the event or just setting the mood in the background, we have the perfect audio production equipment for your needs. We also have the right equipment for your other audio needs that are conducive to all kinds of venues and all sizes of guest lists.

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting when you’re planning your event. Lighting doesn’t just dramatically transform the aesthetic of your space. It can also help set the tone, lift the spirits of attendees, and excite your guests. We can tailor our lighting design to fit a wide variety of style preferences. Various colors and effects can make all the difference!

SLX also offers stunning venue design to dramatically alter the appearance of your venue for your event. When you combine great sound, lighting, and maybe some special effects, you’ll end up with a truly unforgettable party for your sorority or fraternity.

The Most Stress-Free Party Planning

As a busy student, you have so many things to focus on. You don’t want to spend all your free time planning your event. SLX Entertainment removes much of the stress of planning a big event. We are committed to showing up when we say we will and leaving the venue exactly as we found it after the event is done. It’s this level of attention to detail and professionalism that makes our customers keep coming back for all their special occasions!

Safety is one of our top priorities at SLX entertainment. No one wants to throw a party where they’re worried about their guests getting hurt by poorly designed or installed lighting, audio equipment, or other venue features. We use only the safest equipment and take all the necessary precautions to give you peace of mind. You can stress less about your guests’ wellbeing while you enjoy the festivities.

We know that your budget as a sorority or fraternity is often very limited. Luckily, SLX Entertainment can work with a wide variety of budgets and still create unmatched spectacular results!

Schedule Your Consultation with SLX Entertainment

If you’re ready for a truly unforgettable Greek life experience, contact SLX Entertainment for a consultation! We can’t wait to hear about your vision for your next special event and make it a reality.

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